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Hi, I'm Erin!  

I help busy moms grow their businesses online using simple strategies to make more profit in less time while keeping faith & family top priority.

My Story

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Yes, Busy Moms CAN Succeed In Business


And here's what I already know about you because you're here:

  • You're SUPER busy, but you want what’s best for your family. That's 'cuz you're awesome!
  • You feel the responsibility of providing financially & spiritually for their needs. And it's hard to do it all at once.
  • You're wondering how to balance growing your business & raising a family at the same time...because it seems impossible. And the thought is overwhelming.

When the worlds of family and work collide, most moms believe that one always needs to take precedence over another...and that you can't do both and do them well.

But that's where they are wrong!

Listen, YOU CAN be a successful side-hustling momma AND still have time to raise a beautiful family without sacrificing on either side.

And best of all?

GOD can (and should) remain at the center of it all!

I'm here to help YOU succeed in life as much as I am doing it ove here for myself!

So, how do we balance work and family?

Let me show you...

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How do we achieve success in business when we're so busy raising a faithful family?


Christian moms know that "success" is not always about making more money than our competitors. Nor is it about teaching our kids how to find happiness through material possessions and achieving a high cultural status.

Instead, "success" is being able to meet the needs of our family while using those blessings to glorify God in all we do.

 That's what success looks like.


Erin Cook - Founder of Faith, Work & Homeschool

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Our network of moms building businesses is focused on supporting each other and their families so they can succeed in all areas of life:


Balance your work and home life with a Christ-centered network of support

Free yourself from the tension between working and spending time with your family

Receive daily encouragement and resources for building a business while raising a family

...and so much more!


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