I'm Erin.

As a Christian homeschooling mom with a passion for God & business, I'm so blessed to have helped hundreds of online entrepreneurs build the life & business God planned just for them!

So WHY am I so passionate about helping others find success in business & life?

Because I didn't always have joy...

About Erin Cook Upside Down Success

Yup, that's me in the photo.

In fact, before I had hundreds of clients, my followers, my courses - all of which make me want to jump out of bed each morning - I was a physical therapist chasing "success" at all costs.

With an 18 month-old daughter and one on the way, I'd made it to the "top" of the secular success ladder by age 30.

Big colonial house. Yellow mustang convertible. Perfect Family. Full bank account. That's what life's about, right?


And after my daughter passed away after birth, God gave me a chance to start over. 

...Society was WRONG.

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I'd been living society's version of success.

I had pushed away the idea that God had greater things in store and that He knew what was best for me.

I was living for ME. And only ME.

And in those tragic moments, I wanted to take it all back.

I'd give anything to change my life and my past choices.

I would've even burned down my dream house & totaled my fancy car if it meant I had one more minute with my precious baby.

I realized that for my entire adult life:

  • I had traded my faith & precious family time for the status of "success".
  • I had forfeited true joy for the temporary pleasure of material possessions.
  • I had put my image before my creator's intentions....

And I wasn't going to live like this anymore.


But using my gifts and wealth to further His kingdom brought me more peace and joy than the money itself could ever buy.

about erin cook upside down success

And God freed my soul.

After a 15-year career as a self-employed physical therapist, I followed the opportunities God gave me for His idea of success that included 3 more children, a small & modest house and... wait for it... a MINIVAN! All while leaving my career to serve others and homeschool my children. From scratch.


I get to dedicate THIS career to helping others find their freedom & joy through business with Christ so they can impact the world in the way they were designed to!

Are YOU Ready To Feel Confident as A Busy Mom Building A Business?

If you're ready to:

* Build & grow a prosperous online business to live the life God planned for you

* Live with an inner peace and a deeper joy with that comes from spending quality time with your family while helping them grow in faith and love

* Join forces, collaborate & network with other heart-centered women entrepreneurs while living God's purpose


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